Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. is the fastest growing marriage proposal in Sri lanka, promoted by Shan Advertising.

Ans.We offer a superior match-making experience for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build lifelong relationships.

Ans. The site is committed towards providing a platform which believes in uniting like-minded souls so that they can speak their heart out and know their prospective matches better. On, the process of finding someone special is simple and quick. All you need to do is register your profile on our site, specify your preferred partner criteria and begin with your life partner search.
          Please explain some of the fields and terms used while registration?
1.   Email ID - Please use your active email ID to make a profile with as we’ll be sending match alerts, interesting information, latest blog articles and site communication will be sent to this registered email ID.
2.    Upload ID Proof - This option is seen at the First or second stage of registration. It allows you to upload your ID from your computer.
3.  About Me - This is the last option at the second stage of registration. Take advantage of this section and describe yourself so that other matches looking for you can understand your personality better. Write about your strengths, things that make you happy, things you like and how you enjoy spending your leisure time. You might finish up with what you think about love and its importance in life.
4.  Horoscope - Horoscope is a criteria determined by the position of stars at the time of your birth. It is generally calculated using the date of birth, time of birth and the Horoscope. Horoscope generally implies that there are some negative forces of matrimony that influence your life. In the          case of Sinhala weddings, it is preferred if a Horoscope boy enters into a matrimonial alliance with a Horoscope girl and vice versa, the theory being that 2 negatives make a positive. The horoscope option is important to only those people who are particular about horoscopes.

Ans. You can easily edit your profile on just by simple steps.

Ans.  Following are the benefits you enjoy by registering with us:
1.  With comes trust and support of Sri lanka most trusted brand .
2.  With our newly launched 'CHAT' feature, it's easier to stay connected with like-minded matches 24*7(only Paid and online Members).
3.    Just by entering your preferred partner preferences, you start getting suggestions of similar matches with whom you can connect easily.
How long does it take to register and create a profile on
Registration and profile creation on is an extremely simple and fast process. The registration won't take more than 10 minutes and you can complete your profile in just 15 minutes only.

You can always make sure to follow some Do's and Don'ts while registering with us.
1.    Complete your profile at the time of registration for better match results.
2.    Verify your phone no. and your email address to receive timely information and notifications from
3.  Add photos to your profile to be seen in matrimonial search and increase responses by 10 times.
4.    Add complete details about your desired partner.
5.  Add your education, occupation, lifestyle and religious information.
6.  Add your hobbies, interests and your family details to make an impressive profile.
7.  Please make sure to add relevant and correct information in all the fields so that we are able to suggest suitable matches.
8.  Also please describe yourself as much as you can in the second stage of registration as elaborate information about you gives better understanding       of your personality and suggesting suitable matches becomes easier.
9.  After registration is complete, please remember to update your profile regularly as profile with updated information get better and fresh matches.
1.    Do not leave any field incomplete while registering and creating your profile.
2.    Don't forget to add a nice profile picture.
3.  Do not provide incorrect and irrelevant information related to your profile.

You can write to us at [email protected] or share your feedback with us and we will surely help you out.

Where can I upload my photograph?
You have the option of uploading your photograph on My Profile Page.
Is it safe to post my photo along with my profile?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to add a photograph to your profile as we have ensured that the privacy controls remain in your command. All your posted photographs are coded and tamperproof. Moreover, you have the facility to display your photo only to members you are interested in. Finally, you can change your photo display settings whenever you want to.
What should I do if I see an offensive post on the site?
If you have noticed anything on the site that you believe is violation of our terms and conditions, then Please Contact Admin